About Us

about usOur products are more than commodities. That’s why Pocantico Resources serves as a premium supplier of nutritional food ingredients with a commitment to unparalleled service and application expertise. Based in the heart of the Hudson River Valley, Pocantico Resources draws on the belief in sourcing the highest quality materials at the fairest prices. Our expert team believes in doing business with a purpose, and it’s why our company is still guided by four founding principles:

  • To improve the nutritional quality of processed and shelf-stable foods, one ingredient at a time.
  • To nurture a long-term, value oriented company that provides exceptional quality with innovation and flexibility.
  • To view change as an asset, with continual opportunity to employees, clients, and shareholders.
  • To return a fair profit to be invested in our company, our shareholders, our staff and our community.

Whether it’s pectin or gums, natural colors or sweeteners, fruits or fibers the Pocantico Resources team will help you strike the right balance between function and affordability.  Reach out today and find out how our unparalleled expertise can work for you.

Our quest for the purest ingredients

In our quest for the purest ingredients from around the globe, Pocantico Resources works as one with our strategic manufacturing partners, which proudly include the following companies:

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