About Us

about us

At Pocantico Resources, no product is a commodity

Our experienced staff will work with your development team in every conceivable way to help find that unique ingredient and provide technical support and solutions to even the most complicated application goals.

Take the headache out of compliance

Pocantico Resources is a fully compliant FDA FSVP importer and distribiutor, carefully selecting and continuously monitoring its manufacturing partners across the globe to exacting quality standards. GFSI third-party audit certification is compulsory for every product we supply.     

Maximize supply chain efficiency with just in time availably

When you are ready to roll-out, we tailor an import schedule and purchasing plan to meet your needs with cost-effective, local availability and on-time delivery from any of our five, strategically located warehouses across the US and Canada.

Reap the benefits of clean label, plant-based nutrition

One-stop shopping for a complementary collection of nutritious and highly functional ingredients. Whether you need stabilization, texture, fiber enrichment, or scientific breakthroughs in immune support and weight management, our ingredients help customers improve the quality and flavor of processed foods, beverages, nutritional and personal-care supplements, one ingredient at a time.

From meeting zero tolerance safety standards to delivering on-time, every time

The application experts at PRI are there to help. Our commitment to unparalleled service is what sets us apart.

Our quest for the purest ingredients

In our quest for the purest ingredients from around the globe, Pocantico Resources works as one with our strategic manufacturing partners, which proudly include the following companies:

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Let’s discuss how Pocantico Resources Inc. can provide successful solutions for you.