With natural stabilizing and nutritional properties for a broad range of products – from fruit preparations, confection, dairy products, and soft drinks to nutritional supplements and cosmetics – hydrocolloids provide cost effective solutions in many applications.

Pectin may be the most under appreciated nutritional ingredient in the market today for true functionality with benefits across many different applications. Be it apple or citrus in origin, clinical support continues to stack up on the diverse nutritional benefits of pectin, particularly its effectiveness as an appetite suppressant, as well as in reduction of blood glucose levels and the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

Locust bean gum (LBG) is a hydrocolloid which gives lush, silky textures and strong interaction with other polysacarides. Dairy products are the major applications for LBG thanks to its synergistic effect with carrageenan and a high water binding capacity. In sauces and dressings, the synergistic effect with xantham gum is of major interest as it forms a gel network. In bakery applications, LBG is mainly used for its pleasant texture and outstanding flavor release properties.

  • Apple Pectin High-methoxyl
  • Apple Pectin Low-methoxyl conventional
  • Apple Pectin Low-methoxyl amidated
  • Citrus Pectin High-methoxyl
  • Citrus Pectin Low-methoxyl conventional
  • Citrus Pectin Low-methoxyl amidated
  • Grapefruit Pectin
  • Modified Cirtus Pectin
  • VIDOGUM L 150, Standard LBG, coarse grind for easy incorporation
  • VIDOGUM L 175, Standard LBG
  • VIDOGUM L 200, Standard LBG, fine grinded
  • VIDOGUM L 190/C500, Partially cold soluble LBG
  • VIDOGUM 170 (175/A0), High Quality LBG for dairy applications, etc.
  • VIDOGUM L Clear , Transparent LBG
  • VIDOGUM LS 35, Combination of LBG with Guar
  • VIDOGUM LS 35/E , Combination of LBG with LV Guar
  • VIDOGUM SP – Tara gum
  • VIDOCREM – Modified guar gum