Inulin & Sweeteners

InulinInulin is a unique prebiotic with exceptional functionality.  Across a broad array of applications, it acts as both sugar and fat replacement while providing immune support and fiber enrichment. As a fat replacement, Inulin improves the taste, texture, and mouth feel of reduced-fat and fat-free dairy products. Cereal based products such as crackers, breads and breakfast cereals exhibit improved structure and crispness when inulin is added to the recipe. 

  • Increases nutritional benefits of processed foods
  • Improves texture and enhances flavor.
  • Provides important fiber enrichment 
  • All-natural replacement for fat and sugar.
  • Enhances calcium absorption 

Pocantico Resources is one of the largest suppliers in North America for organic inulins from either Blue Agave or Jerusalem Artichoke sources. Our technical experts are always at the ready to help your product development team find the right solution.  


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